Choeze Kuchen | The Great Phagmo Drupa Day
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The Great Phagmo Drupa Day

The Great Phagmo Drupa Day

Today is very auspicious day!

Anniversary day of The Great Phagmo Drupa, the heart Son of Gampopa and root guru of the great Drikung Kyopa jigten sumgon, today is also the anniversary of the great Jay Tsongkhapa/ Lobsang Drakpa, founder of Gyaluk tradition.
Kagyud and gayluk share the same lineage the lineage of Kadampa which is founded by the great Atisha who was the last Abbot of Nalanda university during 11th century.

We should all feel proud and fortunate to be able to connect these kind of profound lineage in our life time.

May all be auspicious!