Choeze Kuchen | Teaching
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Pure Motivation and Great Conviction

Pure motivation and great conviction are very important regardless of whether the activity performed is great or negligible. Pure motivation is what results in great merit.


Impure motivation is having jealousy, greed, desire of benefitting oneself or one’s family and other negative and selfish thoughts before performing the deed. Pure motivation is doing the virtuous deed without any prior negative and selfish thoughts.

Choeze Rinpoche 06 vuôngl

The perfect way to practice

All types of Buddhist practice are included within the Vajrayana way of practice, the creation and completion stages. The generation stage practice is to do visualization. We visualize our body as a form of wisdom body or that of a deity. We also visualize Samantabhadra’s form of offerings to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the 10 directions. If visualization is done with concentration, it brings the same benefit as doing Shamatha (stabilization/ concentration) meditation.


It is very important to visualize one-pointedly in the generation stage.

The perfect dedication


After practising, we accumulate merit and we should dedicate this merit. This teaching explains how to do perfect dedication. Without dedication, even if you have accumulated merits for thousands of aeons, all of the merits may be destroyed by a single negative thought. Merit is like a drop of water.


If you put it on a dry ground, it will evaporate in a short period of time. If you do dedication, it will be like putting the drop of water in an ocean, the drop of water will last as long as the ocean is still around.