Choeze Kuchen | History of Choeze Thupten Dhargyeling Monastery
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History of Choeze Thupten Dhargyeling Monastery

About This Project


Choeze Thupten Dhargyeling Monastery was established by Maha Siddha Nged Phupa, who was the true disciple of H.H. Drikung Kyobpa Jigten Sumgon. It is located at Gawa in Eastern Tibet.


Earlier, the monastery used to have a retreat centre and institute for Buddhist philosophical studies where there are three resident reincarnated lamas and around three hundred monks. But in the later period when the Buddha Dharma diminished in Tibet, it underwent much destruction. There has been an on-going effort in raising funds to provide wellfare and wellbeing of the monks.
At present, the monastery has about a hundred monks who are practising the ritual arts and monastic dance (Cham) with unbroken lineage until now.