Choeze Kuchen | Drawing Colors
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Drawing Colors

About This Project

Innovative creations in color pencil art is rapidly entering a new level of appreciation in the art world. Alvia Alcedo is a Russian fantasy artist and crafter who creates paintings of dragons and creatures on natural stones. Alvia’s color pencil art works bring life with fun and fantasy. The representation through colors which explains the drawing is excellent. The depth and detail given in each painting is marvelous be it in the dragons, the little birdie, the unicorn, the flying fish and the foxes. The foxes in ice and fire – art work is elegantly representing the day and night kind of cool concept. The eyes of cat luna is amazing and the shading is wonderfully done. Professional artists are exploring the potential ways of this art-making medium, while art collectors and enthusiasts are marveling their output. we have added her color pencil Art works below for your inspiration.