Choeze Kuchen | Phowa practice
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Phowa practice

The conscious meditation for the dying ones



The Phowa has been widely practiced by the all Tibetan Buddhism lineage. This meditation technique connects our consciousness to the Amitabha pureland.


In the Tibetan Buddhism, the Phowa technique is also known as the “transference of consciousness at the moment of death”. This is the fastest way to achieve enlightened state.


Benefiting the dying ones



If we receive the proper Phowa transmission when alive or have the experience of practice; then at the time of death, even if there is no lama to perform the Phowa, just by focusing our mind at the brahma door, the consciousness will exit from there and even the every sinful ones will forcefully attain Buddhahood . And this is a very pure instruction received from the great teachers.

Choeze Kuchen Rinpoche and the Phowa practice

Choeze Kuchen Rinpoche has been practicing and delivering Phowa teaching for the many years. He is also one of the few Rinpoches who are qualified to teach the Phowa practice, and is widely recognized by the practitioners in the South East Asia region.