Choeze Kuchen | Monastery
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Buddha Monastery

Monasteries in Tibet are regarded one of the important monuments, which holds great religious and cultural significance. Tibetan Buddhism monasteries are non-profit organizations that focus on training Buddhist talents, education and healthcare to all.

Choeze Thupten Dhargyeling Monastery

Choeze Thupten Dhargyeling Monastery in Qinghai, China was established over 500 years ago. For hundreds of years, the monastery has been home and training venue to thousands of talented lamas.

Yushu earthquake in 2010

On April 14, 2010, Yushu earthquake struck, and registered a magnitude of 6.9M, with maximum felt intensity of IX on the Mercalli intensity scale. The massive scale earthquake left thousands of casualties and many damaged buildings, including the Choeze Thupten Dhargyeling Monastery. With over hundreds of lamas being trained every year, they are suffering extreme hardship as a result of the Yushu earthquake.


The entire Monastery & Retreat Centre is badly damaged and is structurally unsafe to live in, leaving the lamas to temporarily find shelter in pitched tents in the surrounding premises.

Choeze Thupten Dhargyeling Monastery Fundraising

For the past many years now, Choeze Kuchen Rinpoche has been running fundraising activities for various charitable projects, and one of them being the reinstatement of the damaged monastery.


Due to the priorities given to other projects, such as building of schools and hospitals, there is still lack of funds to get the monastery reinstatement work started.


Together, Choeze Kunchen Rinpoche trusts that the lamas could use slightly proper shelter and learning venue so they could achieve the most in their Buddhadharma studies, hence, benefitting all mother sentient beings.