Choeze Kuchen | EVENTS
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On the 10th day of the month of the Pig, Guru Padmasambhava transformed the poison concocted by the Tirthikas into nectar with his magical powers. His healthy radiance transformed the mind of the Tirtikas and converted them and their retinues to the Dharma. He became known as Guru Nyima Ozer or Suryaprabha, the Guru who is like rays of the sun. On the Anniversary of Guru Nyima Ozer, one of Guru Padmasambhava’s manifestations, we are pleased to announce the online teaching and prayers of Guru Rinpoche, conducted by 11th Choeze Kuchen Rinpoche.

Achi Chokyi Drolma

The main Dharma Protector of Drikung Kagyu Mother Achi was the great grandmother of Lord Jigton Sumgon, founder of the Drikung Lineage. To this day she remains a great dharma protector of the Buddha’s teachings. As a protector, Achi is visualized on her blue wisdom horse to symbolize the swiftness of her enlightened activities, and she holds a wish-fulfilling jewel to symbolize her ability to bestow everything needed and desired when asked. Benefits of practicing Achi Chokyi Drolma are the removal of inner and outer obstacles to our practices and to lay the groundworks for circumstances best suited to our progress along the path. Those who practice her meditation and recite her mantra will be protected from obstacles and hindrances.