Choeze Kuchen | The Hevajra Retreat
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The Hevajra Retreat

Choeze Rinpoche 04

The personal deity of Marpa was Hevajra and Marpa transmitted this teaching to one of his best students, Lama Ngokpa. The lineage of this teaching has nearly disappeared by now as there are much more followers of the lineage of Milarepa, who teaches the Cakrasamvara practice but there are hardly any who follows Lama Ngokpa’s lineage.

His Holiness was giving teachings on the deity Hevajra and specially assigned Ven. Choeze Kuchen Rinpoche out of all the assembled students to go through the 5 months Hevajra Retreat.

This is the first time in this generation that anyone has gone through a Hevajra retreat.