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The project to build Retreat Center in the valley beside the Holy land of Tiger Nest – Paro – Bhutan that aims to provide a sanctuary for the Sangha and lay communities from Bhutan and around the world in their practice of Mahayana Tantra. It’s in the process of being implemented by HE. Choeze Kuchen Rinpoche.

This project located in Paro – Bhutan, one of the first few places visited by Guru Padmasambhava and many other Masters, it became one of the Holiest haven for practicing Mahayana Tantra Practices that has given birth to many revered Yogis and Yoginis.  Bhutan is a country where majority of its citizens is Buddhist.


It is Rinpoche’s wish for this facility to benefit and support generations of the Sangha and lay communities, to enable them the opportunity to conduct regular Phowa practices, one of the most sophisticated yet important teachings of Guru Padmasambhava, on this sacred land of Bhutan.


In supporting the contributing towards this project which is pure and sublime, one is also making offering to truly unsurpassable, enlightened causes.  The merits accumulated will be tremendous.


This is a very important and meaningful project, for the first time in Bhutan, a Retreat Center and Monastery of the Drikung lineage was established.

Bhutan is a pure Vajrayana Buddhist country, home to Guru Rinpoche’s holiest holy sites, where enlightened energy is full. Practicing, retreating, meditating here will bring great benefits to practitioners and all sentient beings.



When completed, this Retreat Center will have a main meditation hall with a capacity of 500 meditators. There are also 12 more specialized meditation rooms for intensive practice of Phowa and other methods.


The Center also has a dining room and ancillary facilities for visitors to visit, and those who wish to go into retreat and practice Buddhism.