Choeze Kuchen | The cremation of Lama Jorgyal
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The cremation of Lama Jorgyal

The cremation of Lama Jorgyal


The final cremation of my late father Lama Jorgyal was conducted on 25th Dakini day lead by His Eminence Nupa Rinpoche. Coincidentally, it also happens to be my birthday. Emaho! To this irony of birth and death, I rejoice the liberation of my Father!

In the Parinirva of my late father Lama Jorgey, May I and all his followers witness the essence of impermanence and emptiness. He took his last breath on 17th April 3:20 am and remained in Thugdam meditation for 4 days demonstrating us about his practices and life’s journey.

He studied at Drikung Nyima Changra; one of the most well known contemporary colleges under the guidance of great masters such as Dzogchen Rahu Chodrag, Drikung Ayang Thupten, Bodtrul Tenpai Nyima and others. He had been a dedicated Chod practitioner from the age of 14 under Chodpa Tulku. He accomplished Dzogpa Chenpo teachings and got recognition from the famous Dzogchen master; the previous Nyoshul Khenpo Jamyang Dorjee.

Even in his final days, I personally witnessed his utter devotion towards his root gurus, specially towards His Holiness Drikung Chetshang Rinpoche with whom he had his final conversation several minutes before his last breath.

He will be cremated on auspicious Dakini day of 25th lunar day (29th April, 2019). He will be always remembered as a great teacher, a dedicated practitioner and a compassionate father.

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