Choeze Kuchen | Buddha Statue Consecration
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Buddha Statue Consecration

Buddha Statue Consecration

One who wishes to have perfect statues of the Buddha or Bodhisattva they must understand that It is very important to have material of the statue is possess more then 100 different kind of qualities according to Buddha Bisho Karma Sutra, art of the statue should follow Sadhana of particular deity or Buddha to be able to connect practitioners practice.

Most important progress is the Consecration, during that time one who consecrates has to follow certain precepts, practice to conduct, first ritual will be the purification to remove negative energy before consecrating the very precious and holy relics of the Buddha, blessings pills for the body, speech, and mind and then different mantras to activate different Chakras, then for the main channel it is very important to have the special wood with major and minor qualities, at the end blessings prayer or to inviting the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas into the precious Statue, then that should be done on special day for that particular practitioner his or hers horoscope to combine with because statue is the source of all the energy and enlightenment for that practitioner.

And one most important thing, these kind of ritual only perform by qualified practitioners.

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